2017 Men’s and Women’s Conference Handouts

The Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus – NEW! (Download)

The Nature and Person of Christ Jesus – NEW! (Download)

What the Death of Jesus Meant for Us – NEW! (Download)

The Righteousness of God – NEW! (Download)

Written Messages:

Do You Know What Season You’re In? – NEW! (Download)

The Law of Favor (Download)

Healing Study (Download)

Rebellion (Download)

No Defeat in Victory (Download)

Step into the light of the Word (Download)

Being Perfect (Download)

Can’t Miss This Flight (Download)

Loopholes (Download)

I Put the Promise of God On Hold (Download)

Healing Always Comes (Download)


Declaration of Favor (Prayer) – NEW! (Download)

Homologeo Notes (Download)

Loopholes (Download)

Step into the light of the Word (Download)

Theme for 2016 (Download)