Prophet David Girley
It was in 1994 that God called David to begin his powerfully, anointed deliverance ministry -- a ministry that dealt specifically with hurting men and women, as well as every day real life issues that Christians were dealing with. He also began his prison ministry that same year. As David continued to allow the Lord to use him, his ministry soon began to grow and he later expanded into youth and college ministries.

David recalls the voice of God back in 1994 commissioning him, "My people are hurting and I need an uncompromised, selflessness vessel to be able to send to them, so I can heal them. I am not sending you to pat them on the head and move on; I'm sending you and equipping you to stay with the people until they are delivered." And Prayer, Healing, and Deliverance Ministries was born.

David answered that commission and began speaking to and praying for those who were hurting, those needing deliverance and those seeking the next level in God. His ministry now stretches across the United States and includes revivals, conferences, training, and motivational seminars as well as Bible study classes. David has been the keynote speaker for many notable ministries as well as hosting men's and women's conferences. He has also helped birth the ministries of many others across the United States, specifically in Oregon, California, Illinois, and Arkansas.

David is an awesome teacher of the Word, one who breaks it down so the average layperson can understand it, because he puts strong emphasis on helping equip others for ministry. David adds, "My ministry cannot reach its full potential until I have helped birth the ministries of others. We are laborers together. Our job is to take care of the laborers instead of attacking them."
Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.Amos 3:7

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  1. LaJuan Watley

    Praying that Prophet Girley will return to Pine Bluff, Arkansas very soon for Revival Services; and that Mother Perkins will come with him.

  2. James D Smith

    Pastor David Girley..,it was a honor to have you Speak at New Mt Olive, last night, Youre a awesome, Anointed Man of God, Thank you for Blessing us with your presence and ushering the Presence of God , We are eternally Gracious for all you done, inspired by the Holy Spirit, We wide you could speak again tonight (Friday Nught) you bring a powerful and Anointed Presence . .,,Apostle James D Smith Senior Pastor

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