And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28


Ani was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She came to the U.S. when she was five years old and grew up in Glendale, California. She grew up in a Christian home and attended St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church on occasion. It was her grandmother that stirred in her the curiosity to get to know who Jesus was. While Ani was attending UCR, she began to attend a church in Riverside called The River of Life. She was nineteen years old when she finally received Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Ani began attending PHD Ministries in 2013. After attending one service and hearing Pastor David Girley preach the gospel, she knew that this is where she needed it to be. She is excited to be part of a ministry that continues to transform her and her entire family.



Ashley was born in Roseburg, Oregon in Spring of 1985. As a young girl, she had been through many difficult things, yet her love of art was the one thing that kept her going. God had a plan for her life. Her junior high art teacher was also a local youth pastor at Open Bible Christian Center. Because of the many years in art class and her constant curiosity about God, she was invited to become a part of her local youth leadership team. At the age of seventeen, she knew God was calling her to attend the church’s affiliated college, Eugene Bible College. She had studied there for a year and knew there had to be something more God was wanting from her than just going to church and singing. While planning a trip to Florida with a friend, Ashley came across Rumors Salon – where she was invited to a Bible study. After many years of suppressing all of her hurts, Pastor David Girley spoke a Word of God that would answer her prayers and change her life forever. Since then, Ashley has discovered that her calling is to preach the Word of God. She was married in 2006 and has three boys. She spends most of her time caring for her family and expressing the visions that God gives to her through her love of art.


Bobby was born in Sacramento, California. He moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1992 and has been there ever since. He was saved in July of 2002. God used Pastor David Girley and PHD Ministries to lead him to salvation. Bobby didn’t grow up in church and had no relationship with God previous to this. In fact, until just a few months before he was saved, Bobby didn’t even believe God existed. One afternoon, God interrupted a conversation in which Bobby was having with a believer & said. “I am real. Don’t ever deny Me again.” Bobby loves Christian music and working with young people. He enjoys supplying people with good music that represents Christ, being a blessing to the soul as well as the ear. Bobby appreciates how real Pastor Girley and PHD Ministries is. Bobby believes, “no matter what issues or struggles you might be having, the men and women of PHD will be there to be used by God. And they will always keep it real.”


Claudia was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. God introduced Himself to her through PHD Ministries under the leadership of Pastor David Girley. Upon her first day of visiting the ministry, Pastor Girley spoke to Claudia — revealing things that only God could have known. Claudia recalls confessing Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of seven, but has grown in her relationship and intimacy thanks to this ministry. A mother of four children, and wife to staff member Spencer, Claudia enjoys sharing the Word of the Gospel – especially to those back home in Chicago. Through this ministry, Claudia began to get a better understanding of God’s word and felt comforted in times of need. She knows that PHD Ministries is home. Claudia states, “great is His faithfulness and great is His mercy. Everyone needs to know that He took care of all of our wrongs and now I can see myself how God sees me.”


Cynthia was born in Los Angeles, California and was raised in the Church of God in Christ. In 1980, she moved to Salem, Oregon. While in Salem, she worked in the Department of Human Resources for the city and was also active in her local church. It was at a Salem NAACP meeting that she first met Pastor David Girley. Soon after, she attended his New Year’s Eve Watch Service in Los Angeles, which was a turning point in her life. Cynthia has come to have a real relationship with God, not just a Sunday ritual, “coming to know God and love God like never before.” She currently heads the Eugene Hospitality Department, assists with accounting tasks for Pastor Girley’s Oregon businesses, and leads the Oregon praise team.


Danny was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. Danny knew from a young age that there was a calling on his life. He had several encounters with God as a child, but as a young adult, the pull of fame and fortune lured him away from his calling. Certain that he was to be a football star at the University of Oregon, there was no time to go to church. A series of ligament injuries to both ankles derailed the thoughts of a football career before even accepting an invitation to play college ball. Angry with God and the world, Danny began running from God and doing anything he could to avoid the call on his life. This continued for the next thirty three years through failed relationships, hard times, and isolation. Danny went to a Bible study at PHD Ministries and was reintroduced to God in a way that he could not deny. After picking himself up off the floor from being slain in the spirit, all Danny could utter is, “I have found home.”

Currently, Danny is the Assistant Pastor of PHD Ministries in Eugene, Oregon and has a new home with his wife Ashley, and three little boys: Zechariah, Samuel, and Judah; along with two older children: Jerimiah and Shandi. Danny is also eagerly expecting an addition of a grandchild to the mix.


Andrew was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up in a Christian household, but other than a few trips to Sunday school, he never received much of a biblical teaching. Drew got saved when he was 20 after being encouraged by his then girlfriend (and now wife) to accompany her to church.

PHD Ministries has encouraged him to keep studying, learning, and improving. Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife, listening to and playing music on his guitar and bass guitar.


Jasmine was born on November 11th in Portland, Oregon. She remembers going to church with her grandmother and mother as a little girl. In high school, her best friend invited her to attend a church youth group. It was there that she accepted Jesus into her life and began to grow in the Lord. While attending the University of Oregon, Jasmine realized God had called her to be intimately involved in campus ministry. She taught a weekly women’s Bible study on campus and saw many lives changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soon after
graduating with a degree in Sociology, Jasmine heard God’s call on her life to
become involved in PHD Ministries in November of 2000.

Through PHD Ministries, Jasmine learned some of the traps the devil had used in her life to keep her in bondage. She completely surrendered to God’s call in 2002. Jasmine currently serves as the Media Communications Director for PHD Ministries, where she records ministry CD’s and videos and edits written Bible study messages to send across the country. While traveling with PHD Ministries, Jasmine has watched the power of God sweep through states such as Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Oregon, and Washington. She is excited to see where God is taking PHD Ministries and is looking forward to traveling across the nation, speaking and spreading God’s word of deliverance and salvation to those in need of Jesus. In addition to working in ministry, Jasmine works full time as a social worker for foster children.


Judy was born in Van Nuys, California and began attending church at eleven years old. After marrying at a young age and raising several children, Judy became distant from attending Sunday services. Several years later, after her children had grown up and her daughter had married, Judy started seeing a change in her son-in-law’s life. Both her daughter and her husband, both saved, invited her to attend Prayer, Healing, and Deliverance Ministries, where she re-dedicated herself to the Lord.

Judy has been serving as Church Mother in Eugene, Oregon for over ten years. In addition to speaking on Sundays, Judy also uses her talents in sewing to create blankets for those in the Eugene church.


Naamon was born in Denver, Colorado, the youngest of six children. His life was spread almost equally between four different states: the adolescent years were in Denver, while growing as a teenager in Kansas City, Missouri. As a child growing up, Naamon’s vision of God was developed in the Baptist church, with all the traditions that went with it. Naamon knew of God and was taught about Jesus, but never knew Him intimately.

God introduced himself to Naamon through PHD Ministries at Rumors Salon in Eugene, Oregon. Naamon enjoys the realness of the ministry. He states, “what I like about PHD Ministry is that the word of God is spoken in a way that is real to me. God has called me here for a purpose.”


Nvard was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Her parents immigrated to the states to escape the suppressing hand of communism. She grew up in a religious Christian home and attended many churches, seeking God’s purpose and direction for her life.

She writes, “I never knew God’s power in my life until I started attending PHD ministries three years ago. I learned to stand on faith and trust God in all circumstance. God gave me visions and purpose that encouraged and strengthen in my walk with God. I learned to stand on faith to have my needs met. I realized God has already placed in me all that I need to fulfill his purpose for the kingdom of God. I learned to trust God. My thinking changed my speaking changed. For the first time I learned to walk in love and extend Grace when people around me did not deserve it.”


Reina was born and raised in California. God brought her to PHD Ministries in 2005. She was introduced to God at an early age, but only knew him through religion and tradition. She now has her own relationship with God and knows Him for herself. PHD Ministries has played a major role in her deliverance and development as a woman of God.

Throughout the years, she has seen many people get set free and delivered. Therefore, she was honored when God saw fit to make her apart of the ministry team. Through PHD Ministries, God placed men and women of God in Reina’s’s life to help her realize her own calling and special anointing in God. She has grown to love her church family and has a big heart for the people in the world who need to hear about God’s love, salvation and deliverance.


Rich grew up in Springfield, Oregon and attended a Catholic Church where reading and studying the Bible just wasn’t done. Rich was married in 1987, at the age of 25, to a wonderful woman named Jenny. Rich accepted Jesus into his life in May 2003 and joined the ministry’s staff shortly thereafter. In November 2007, Rich found out that his wife Jenny was diagnosed with cancer. Together, they fought the good fight of faith, until God took her in June 2008. Now, Rich serves God with everything he has. He is grateful that he has Jesus in his life and that God placed him in PHD Ministries.


Russell was born in Seattle, Washington. While growing up in Seattle, Russell learned a valuable life lesson that shaped his life forever. The lesson was that everyone is not treated equally and everyone is not happy. After growing up dealing with these facts, when the opportunity arose to be part of a ministry that dealt with these issues he jumped at the opportunity.

The Lord called Russell to PHD Ministries in 1998 as an Armour Bearer and Assistant Pastor in Oregon and California. Russell oversees Bible study on Friday evenings at the Eugene church. The growth of PHD Ministries has required that Russell travel across the country teaching and ministering the Word of God at revivals and conferences. Russell receives no greater satisfaction than to witness to the very people he grew up seeing helpless and hopeless, and to see these people leave a church service completely delivered. “God gave me an opportunity to be part of the answer to the question I have been asking all my life “Does God care about the hurting and suffering people?” Now, without a doubt Russell knows that God really does care and that God sent him to Prayer Healing and Deliverance Ministries. “It’s the blessed life, being part of the solution rather than living your life full of unanswered questions.”


Sarah was born in Butte, Montana, but spent the majority of her life in Salem, Oregon. In 2002, she moved to Eugene to attend college at the University of Oregon. Upon graduation, Sarah began working in the field of fundraising, but felt empty and dissatisfied outside of her passion for school. With no belief in God, and a downward spiral of negative choices, Sarah stumbled upon a community outreach event sponsored by PHD Ministries. Through this event, Sarah accepted Jesus in her life and attended church service the next day. Overnight, her life changed from that of complete godlessness to a lifestyle of prayer, praise, and a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Sarah is thankful for the in-depth teaching of the Word that PHD Ministries provides and the invaluable Wednesday night women’s Bible studies led by Pastor Girley.


Shandi was born in Eugene, Oregon and first came to the ministry when her father, Dan, brought her at age twelve. PHD Ministries really encouraged her to believe that God was real and to know Him on a personal level. The anointing covering the ministry really helped her to be delivered and free from a lot of things, but still, the world started to pull her away when she was in high school. At age 20, God came to her Himself to deliver a word she couldn’t ignore. Since then, she’s been living for God whole-heartedly. She is now married, and loves helping other people who are going through similar situations in their walk with God. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Drew, spending time in the word of God, and playing with her dog, Buddy.


Bio coming soon.


Zoe was born on a remote tropical island in the Indian Ocean. She was adopted at three months of age. Growing up in Australia, her parents moved to Eugene, Oregon then back to Australia. After many prayers to move back to the states, they finally did in 1993. Zoe then completed school and met Pastor David Girley. Having walked into a hair and tanning salon he owned she was introduced to God in a new way. “God used Pastor Girley to tell me all about myself. I knew it was God because I’d never met him before, the things he was telling me about he couldn’t have known.”

It was then that Zoe joined PHD Ministries in 2002. She is now the Hospitality Director of PHD Ministries. “I’ve seen God heal people of disabilities, cancer, diabetes and other diseases through this ministry. I’ve seen him put families back together and heal marriages. I myself got saved through this highly anointed ministry. I am excited about where God is taking us and the lives that he’s changing.”

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