“Word Minded” Series 140 Min CD Set


Romans 12:2 says, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The mind is the number one place of assault by the enemy, because he knows that we serve our thoughts. The mind is the command center for the body and if we allow our minds to think on negative things, we will end in bad places with a negative view on life. That’s why the Word says, “let this mind that was in Christ be in you.” This means we have the ability to think like Christ in every situation. How did Christ think? He thought only on the word that his Father had said. God who knows all things has spoken a word about ever situation we might face. This series breaks down the importance of setting our minds on thew Word of God — making it our reality and using it properly to transform our lives. When one becomes “Word minded” they start seeing situations from what God had said about it — arming their mind with power and outcome that comes from the word of God shutting the devil out of the conversation. – Pastor David Girley

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  1. Sarah

    This CD is a staple for my car stereo. Pastor Girley sets out a variety of important principles on how to connect your mind and spirit with the Word of God. It’s an important message for any believer, no matter how long they have been saved, who is in a spiritual drought, a stuck place, or is just craving MORE of God. I haven’t stopped listening to it for days, and my love walk, prayer life, and faith in the Word have already improved dramatically.

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