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I first heard of Pastor David Girley on KTYM in the fall of 2009. My mentor had just passed away. I heard this rapid-fire teaching, preaching Prophet of God that reminded me greatly of my own dear Pastor, a Prophet of God also. I heard this young Man of God just carrying on, teaching HARD!!! I had to come by the church and just take a look at him. I was saying to myself “WHO IS THIS? Preaching and teaching like this on KTYM?” I looked forward to Prayer, Healing and Deliverance Ministries, every Thursday, at 5:30 pm. I came over to get my “look-see”. I saw a Man of God powerful in the teaching and Prophetic ministry. I saw a Man with Authority over demons. A Man of God, well-equipped by Father God, by the Lord Jesus Christ, for DELIVERANCE MINISTRY!!!

I saw a church filled with young people, hungry for GOD HIMSELF, hungering and thirsting for the WORD OF GOD!!! I saw a Pastor anointed to help those young people, through the Word of God and through prayer, UNTANGLE THE GENERATIONAL CURSES, BREAK DEMONIC SOUL TIES, TEACH AND PREACH UNDER THE UNCTION OF THE HOLY GHOST!!! One evening, I was desperately in trouble. There was a major crisis in my life. I was at my wits end, and inconsolable and grieving deeply. Normally, on a Thursday, if I was at work? I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HEAR Pastor Girley, as I would have to be out front, working a customer service desk, no radio, at 5:30 pm, the time of the program. This particular evening, however, God had someone else out there on that front desk until 6pm, an unusual thing. What happened, Pastor Girley opened his program, made the announcements, and then? Began to preach and teach what God had given him for the people of radioland. Always a fresh Word. Then? Wonderously… I heard his speaking begin to PUMP BRAKES, to come to a screeching halt! He then began to prophesy, directly from GOD HIMSELF to me, GOD KNOWING I was listening to Pastor Girley, one my favorites on KTYM! He told me what thus saith the Lord God of Hosts, comforting, yet, corrective words, speaking directly to the troubling situation that I had going on. God may have very well used him to save my life, from destruction that day. I was grieving so deeply. When he finished prophesying, Pastor Girley said “Now WHO IS THIS? That God had me interrupt the radio broadcast for?” I called him after the show and told him, that it was me, it was me, standing in the need of a Word from God and intercession on that day.

I come by when I can. It is always a joy to listen to the Word of God preached and taught by Pastor David Girley. It is a privilege to be able to stop by for prayer. Or to bring a hurting soul over for prayer. I thank God, that in these particular times, when many ministries are “hype”. There is Pastor and Prophet of God, David Girley, standing strong in the Lord Jesus, and walking in the Authority of God.
Don’t you dare try to tell me what God can’t do. I went from bondage with my baby-daddy — living with him, making him God, needing to be free, hiding behind a smile when I was being manipulated and controlled during the entire relationship. I had the situation confused for LOVE. When I came in contact with some ladies I grew up with and knew from high school, I began to vent to them on Facebook. I began talking about my problems to them, because I had no peace and couldn’t seem to cope with it. I was then invited to Greater Hospitality, had a encounter with my Personal Savior — for all the personal issues I was going through at that moment.

God gave me the opportunity to be free I took it and He spoke life into me where I was blind and dead at. I end up losing the place that I was staying with my child’s father and moved in with my family for two years — God sent me back to the very place I rebelled at and I couldn’t be told anything. It was in the HOOD (Compton)… the very place I ran from and told myself I would never come back to. (Not knowing I had to deal with unresolved issues that I never took the chance to deal with).

God humbled me there and everything I put before Him, He took from my life: baby-daddy, apartment, car, and “who I thought I was.” God made sure that I was at “the end of me.” From there, I couldn’t do anything but rely & trust on Him. I lost everything, while still having to take care of my child.

But NOW I have my own place with my name on the lease (no MAN running rampant), I have my own car registered in my name and I’m employed with the favor of God upon me constantly. I know what it is to live with someone, to be used, abused, mistreated, unemployed, walking, catching the bus. I can now share my testimony, and reassure you that what you’re going through isn’t for you… it’s to help someone else… and if He did it for me He’ll do it for you!

When it was rough, I didn’t let go and now that it’s good I’m definitely not letting go! When I’m talking about God it’s very specific and detailed in my mind. I know what He has done for me and I give Him glory from those particular parts of my life that his power alone brought me out of.

I take the time to thank PHD Ministries & David Girley for accepting me at a time where I needed an encounter the most. I love the fact this is a place where it’s not ran by a program, but the leadership believe in letting God be God in the service and that is how I had my personal encounter with a God. When He made Himself real to me all that was within me couldn’t deny His presence. I’ve learned that His presence is not to be felt it is to be known.

PHD is a ministry where hiding is not tolerated, they care about your soul and having us make it into the kingdom is their hearts’ desire. I can’t thank God enough for what He has done in my life these last 5 years as a single mother, He has done what He said through this ministry. Everything God promised me, I had to keep saying what God said until I saw what God said and now I’ve seen it! After experiencing God to be real for myself and being placed under great leadership going back to the world is not an option. My past has had it’s time with me, it has nothing to offer but repeated cycles of behavior patterns that God had to deliver me from. Today I smile, knowing I’m operating in his strength I can boldly say I have power, love, and a sound mind. I’m grateful that he didn’t allow my choices to dictate my life. On another note, he didn’t allow my choices to become my destination. I deserved JUDGEMENT but he continues to wake me up by HIS GRACE giving me opportunity after opportunity to get right and stay right.
Robert attended PHD Ministries church service this past Sunday, November 2, 2014. He had previously gone to the doctor for testing and these are the results:

He had been diagnosed and living with AIDS and HIV for quite some time. God told him to bless his week and to declare that this week would be GREAT for him. The man received his results after service and this is his TESTIMONY! They couldn’t find any trace of AIDS or HIV in his body! Hallelujah!


I grew up in church from the time I was 4 years old. Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, YPWW, Sunday Night Service, Monday night Mission Meeting, Tuesday night Bible Study, Wednesday night Bible Study, Thursday night rehearsal, Friday night Youth Service, Saturday Sunshine Band, and on and on. I grew to know my denomination but I didn’t really know Jesus. I was saved, but didn’t know why. It became a chore, a job, a routine. An emotional rollercoaster. I was molested by a bishop’s granddaughter when I was 8 years old. I told and I got in trouble. So I learned to keep secrets and lie. I had married deacons making sexual advances on me (and some of the other girls). They would fondle us and we had to just deal with it. I saw men get passes in the church settling for sin but a woman was disgraced and excommunicated by the other women and some men when they dared questioned or spoke fact.

When I turned 18, I left the church because I was damaged by the place I was supposed to be getting healing from. My safe place was where I endured the most danger. I was a victim of spiritual malpractice. I hated men that were in church: real or not. I made horrible relationship choices, even as far as to turn to lesbianism. I also got involved in the gang life of extreme violence and drinking. Soon after, I chose to join the military to get better. However, I came back was much worse, learning to only to be better at destruction and becoming vicious. At this point, I was able to drink alcohol like water.

God sent Pastor D. Girley to my pastor’s house and I saw streams of gold flowing from his mouth. I sat at his feet to listen. I heard Jesus. I heard the Word of God as I had been studying but the Words were living and all in my spirit. God told me, Pastor Girley was my pastor. I didn’t go right then because he was a man. Period. I went to jail, charged for a life sentance. I had someone send a message to Pastor Girley. He and Momma Perkins prayed and released the favor of God over my life — and I’m here today!

I had diabetes to the point my feet were oozing and body functions began to fail. My glucose level stayed above 900 for two years. God begin to bind death and declare life and healing. My sugar regulated itself. My faith was increased and now I’m off the medication. I experienced four encounters with death — unknown reasons to medical personnel. God sent HIS word through Pastor and Momma and I was restored to health. Now, I have a sound mind. I’m not easily angered anymore. I have no desire for alcohol, women, violence, retribution. . . I heard a WORD FROM THE LORD and I received that WORD. Then, through my faith in who CHRIST JESUS IS AND WHAT HE DID, I was empowered to believe that Word. I became able to receive the manifestation of that Word and ability to apply Word to finally GROW UP IN CHRIST. Thank you for your obedience to God.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to know more about God but I never had someone who truly cared if I was saved or not. My mom didn’t force my brothers and me to go to church but she did talk about God a lot. My mom and dad were both alcoholics, and now that I am older my brothers all seem to have codependency issues with drugs or alcohol. They don’t see the pattern but I see the form its taking and I thank God that I wasn’t blinded to the generational curse and it can not come to me now that I am not living life for myself.

My mom did always reminded us to pray and I did, even though I was praying without my heart being turned to God, I was praying out of obligation just repeating what I was taught as a child so I could say I had a relationship with God, but I didn’t. His mercy alone that kept me alive. I had no real or pretend reverence for God. The year I graduated from middle school my dad and I had fell out and stopped talking. I turned to a guy for the love and attention that I no longer had. After being together for about two years I had a son at 16, with someone I thought I loved but truth is I didn’t know what love was because I didn’t know who God was and God is love. A year after I gave birth to my first child, I ended up pregnant the first time I jumped back into having sex. My mind raced, and as much as I wanted to keep that child I was too selfish to, I could only think about how much more complicated my life would get, that my family would disown me and we would not have anywhere to go. So at three months I got an abortion– only two people knew: my best friend and her big sister. I remember lying on the surgical table with a mask over my face and I tried to yell stop. I had changed my mind but the anesthesia kicked in too fast and I was knocked out. I felt like a monster, I felt absolutely horrible when the procedure was finished. When it was over my best friend big sister had given me a card that said I’m praying for you and had the scripture 1 Corinthians 13:10 on the front. The inside was filled with three different scriptures and a breakdown on what each one meant. One was on forgiveness, comfort, and joy. I read that card frequently but it still wasn’t enough to keep me out of the “in and out” depression I went through for almost a year. I felt unworthy to be a mom, mother the son that I already had, or to ever get pregnant again.

In November of 2010 I decided I wanted to give my life completely to God. I was sick of feeling incomplete, sick of being tormented in my mind. But I didn’t give him the guilt and pain from the abortion so I continued going in and out of faith until March of 2011, when I started going to Hospitality COGIC, which was probably one of the best days in my life. I never knew that I would really be able to give that to God. I remember hearing the spirit of God say that he wasn’t mad and it was time I stopped beating myself up. He told me to stop repenting for it, and if I really gave it to him than it was already forgotten.
God is truly a healer, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.
God only made Himself more real to me from that point on. He used a lot of people to display his love to me. There are four people in particular who played a big role in my walk and I thank God for them. David Girley, the Pastor of PHD Ministries, and Russell Dickerson, one of the staff members on PHD ministry team, are two of the people and they spend a lot of time praying for us, counseling, encouraging, and teaching us.
They help out in every aspect of my life, even with help on raising my son and that means a lot to me. I never knew that people would love him like their own family, they pray for him, and help build me up so much that I can’t help but to be the mother that God called me to be. I truly thank God for all the pep talks, when I felt like giving up, when I tried to keep my feelings a secret, God always had a word for me through them. No matter how tired anyone is on the ministry staff they never deny doing God’s business. Not too many people go out of their way for other people. Even from something as simple as having rides to and from church, they cover us. They don’t tolerate any excuses and that’s something God really had to work with me on because I always had an excuse for everything and loved to procrastinate.

The word we get is very raw, but the only thing that gets mad is my flesh, they have never told me something that didn’t prosper my soul. I never realized how much I would enjoy a church that didn’t compromise in any way or form. Everything is done accordingly and we get to laugh, and be ourselves. And to top it off they never won’t look down on you, they’re open with their testimonies, so you can see that they’re real, they’re human beings, and they weren’t saved their whole life, they just grew up in Christ. The anointing is powerful, and I’ll never forget the first time I seen God move the way he does within this ministry. I love my family in Christ, and I know for a personal fact the God in them causes them to have my back. It’s such a huge difference between being a Sunday Christian and really living for God and obeying his commandments. I thank God for saving me when he did and for freeing up my praise and just manifesting Himself in my life.
I am 22 years old and I could honestly say that I appreciate David Girley and PHD Ministry. I just love the way they let God by God. I have been under this ministry since 2007 and I did not grow up in church. I came from gang banging, I sold drugs, I’ve been shot at, I lost my mother, I lost my big sister, I’ve been in an abusive relationship — from seeing close friends and family getting shot, I’ve done parties, I smoke, I drank, I was the queen of suppression, I’ve been jumped. MY TESTIMONY IS REAL LIFE and once I started to come to this church, God showed me how real He was. He let me know that in spite of all my afflictions, trials, and downfalls, He never gave up on me. He never let go when I gave up on myself. He didn’t give up on me. He never let go when I gave up on myself. (That’s why those bullets couldn’t take me out! That’s why I couldn’t kill myself!)

This ministry has really been a blessing, because they [the pastoral staff] don’t let you rely on their relationship with God. The teach you and show you how to go to God for yourself and build a [personal] relationship with God. The ministry displays love, without the sugar coated word. We go through real life issues and God sends real life answers. You can see the humbleness in the ministry and they don’t put a time limit on God.

When I say my testimony, I always say “I love you God for loving me past my faults and all of my flaws.” This is why I give God the glory!

I was EIGHT when I saw my best friend get killed in my front yard, TEN when my sister got killed (shot in the arm and the bullet traveled through the heart), SIXTEEN when my mother got killed (stabbed by her boyfriend at the time). I started gang banging when I was fourteen to fifteen years old and started having a boyfriend when I was 15/16. I remember being with the homies and people came by and started shooting and my homegirl got shot. (She wasn’t far from me). I remember being in the car in my drive way being trapped in the car while people were bangin’ on us and another car was blocking us in. (God said they could do nothing to the car, because I was the only one that was living for Him). I remember being in a car when the homies were doing their thing, from being around the corner from my house and hearing gunshots. After five minutes, I heard more gun shots and when around the corner by my house and saw one of my friends layed out. I was right next to him telling him to get up, realizing that I was talking to a dead boy.

I was always fighting men rather than females a majority of the time. Once, I was in the back of my friend’s car that was parked in the drive way. Some people hopped out of another car with a big gun and I ran to hide. When I came back to the car later on, I found a bullet right where I was sitting. Another time, God interrupted me at a party and I left, only to learn that the house got shot up and God revealed to me later that one of those bullets was for me.
Sometimes, I would be hard-headed and not want to listen to God, so I went to this one party after being warned not to go. Fifteen minutes after I left, that house got shot up as well. God, through Pastor David Girley, told me where I was sitting exactly in the house and where I should have been dead at.
I remember talking to my sister the night before she got killed and she was crying to my grandma. I got up and asked what was wrong, but she told me to go to sleep and then to go to school in the morning — only to find out she was killed that day. The last time I talked to my mom, she and I had had an argument, only to find out days later she was murdered. My sister was killed on November 6, 1998 and my mom got killed on November 6, 2004. The devil’s plan was for me to loose my life from a man’s hand as well, but that curse has been broken!

People wonder why I am the way I am. It’s because I’ve been through a lot (and that’s not even all of the story). Can’t nobody tell me God ain’t real when I felted like killing myself, when I didn’t feel love, and He kept it all together. You see, once you get saved, all your troubles are not over. Some of those incidents happened after I got saved, but that was God showing me that He had my back. When I was proven guilty, when I should have been dead. . . I’m still here and I’M A LIVING TESTIMONY.

In 2010, I had just lost my Godmother and through that, God had to keep me strong in the midst of my trial and in the midst of my feelings. He kept me when I wanted to isolate myself and He had me stay around my strength. (RIP Francine Sims, Toshiba Sims, Kelly Mitchell, Marcus Mathis and a host of other friends that I wish could have seen me now).
I thank God for His mercy and grace, because I’m alive of his mercy and spared because of Pastor David and PHD Ministries. I appreciate David, because when I first got to church, I know my attitude made people think twice about talking to me, but David didn’t. He was always there as a friend and as my spiritual help. THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MINISTRY!

In spite of what I have been through, God has seen me through. This ministry won’t leave you the same. When I first got to church, I wouldn’t smile and I was all messed up, but God taught me that He gave hard words to me, because I was hard and He had to break through the barriers — through all of the pain, to get to the real me. Now, I can stand before God and Pastor David and the ministry: Friday Night Youth Service, Wednesday Night Women’s Bible Study, Sunday Service has been a real big help. God has been making and molding me to be the woman he called me to be and the woman of God.
Something stuck with me in Women’s Bible Study that Pastor David said: you got to stop being a woman of potential and just walk into the woman of fulfillment. That cut real deep and it made me see myself. It made me search myself so that I could give my all to God.

I Thank God For Pastor David Girley and PHD Ministries…

Before I was saved, and developed a personal relationship with Jesus, I was doing badly in every area of my life. I was left behind by my mother who moved out with a man not caring if I had a place to go or not. I couldn’t turn to family members and was forced to sleep on the floor of a girl I went to high school with. It was very uncomfortable to live at a place that is not home because there is no home to go to. I felt like a burden. Eventually my sister and I were able to get an apartment that we couldn’t afford. We were struggling and arguing everyday I was unhappy and on top of that I had just got out of a bad relationship, lost my job and broke my car.

I wasn’t raised in church at all but I believed in God and if anyone asked I considered myself a Christian. But Because of everything I was going through, God was showing me how much I needed Him. I started seeking Him a little bit, going to church on my own a little bit (more than ever had before). Finally my friend from high school, Mikesha, invited me to a revival at Hospitality. There I saw someone who came in the church not even able to walk, but because of their faith they were healed and able to run. I seen people getting delivered and I was able to witness God in a way that I had never before seen. I never had seen God show up like He did anywhere else before. I had a lot of questions and I would talk about it to Mikesha. Every time we went back to church God would address everything we would talk about through Pastor David Girley of PHD Ministries and it just amazed me. He was making Himself real. So I made up my mind to change my life to live according to God’s will and I have been at Hospitality Church of God in Christ growing in God ever since.

I thank God for Pastor David Girley because he really allows God to use him and work through him. If God wants to change Pastor David’s order of service to personally speak to someone, deliver someone, or heal someone, Pastor David Girley let’s God be God. It has been times where God has used him to speak to me, my sister and friends. Even if it is something as little as offering me gas money, or asking me how I am doing, he genuinely cares. His ministry staff also helps a lot. If I need prayer, encouragement or a ride home his ministry staff is always there and I am so thankful for that. I thank God for Pastor David Girley and PHD Ministries. They have been a great help in my life!
I have been under the teaching of PHD Ministries for about two years now and I can truly say that it has changed my life. The woman that I am today I never thought I would become. I came into Hospitality church completely messed up, to now being able to walk in power and freedom I had never known. God is real and through this ministry I have witnessed God do unimaginable things through Pastor Girley and PHD.

I grew up in church all my life but I never knew God until now. So I was in church on my way straight to hell because I had a form of godliness but denying the power. Once I got out of church my life began to quickly spiral out of control. I began partying, smoking and drinking at a very young age. I put myself through things that I never thought I could get free from until now. The longer I stayed out there the worse I became.

There was a time in college when I thought I was “living it up” but in reality living a double life and God’s peace was taken from me and His hand was heavy upon my life. I was professing that to love God but sinning every chance I got. While living in my dormitory I remember being so tormented night after night from the sin that took place in that house. I would be asleep in my room and when I would try to wake up it was like demonic spirits would press and hold me down so I couldn’t get up. When I would attempt to call on Jesus to help me the spirits would choke me so I could not open my mouth and profess the name of the Lord. At the same time I would see dark, obscure and deranged figures all around me. It felt like darkness was all around me and I had no way out, I was in bondage, spiritually, I needed help but I felt so far from God because of my sin that I didn’t know to get to Him. . . BUT JESUS!

I have been through many things in my life and it was nothing but God’s mercy and grace that kept me through the years. Don’t be fooled–the only reward that you will receive from serving sin and obeying the enemy is torment and bondage.

I went from almost being kicked out of school to recently graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree and nobody did that but God. I’m on the run for my life because I know what is waiting for me if I don’t. I came from being a woman of bondage to a woman of God through the help of this ministry. The way Pastor Girley breaks down the word and teaches us how to study for ourselves helped many of us grow spiritually. I know have my own relationship with God and can reach Him for myself. Once God became real to me I fell in love with Him and now I can never deny Him. This ministry helped me find my love for Christ. I am 23 years old and I’m saved and I have no desire to go back to being the woman of sin.

I’m finally free from the weights of my past and I can finally move past the past to my future in Christ. I encourage you to learn God and fall in love with His son before it’s too late. Remember, if I can I can do it you can do it and if you think you can’t . . . God can!

As a 5-year-old child, I was betrayed by an individual who molested me. That is what I know now as my “point of impact.” It then took me though a life of fantasy and I was unable to accept the truth — so I believed lies as my truth. I developed a deviant mind, distorted by years of fantasy and lies. The deviant mind matured into a depraved mind. At that point, I could not recognize any truth. Lies were all that I know.

Then, I was invited to a Women’s Bible Study and God sent a helper to my life. That night, Pastor David spoke about getting delivered from a depraved mind and a light came on. God had ordained my being there to help me. Before that day, I had no idea my mind was depraved. God showed me that night just how it happened. I was broken, crying as my life was shown to me. I saw just how the seed was put in me at five and how it took me through a life that God had not intended [for me]. Pastor David had given me the the key to journal my way to deliverance from a depraved mind.

I am 52 years old and for the fist time, know what peace of mind really means. If you are willing to do the work, deliverance is available. God is waiting to be asked for His help.
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.Revelation 12:11